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Day 10. May 24th Torremegia to Merida

I am up and ready quite early this morning as I haven’t slept too well….. I have had my latest experience of one of this world’s “Super Snorers”….some guy I had not seen around before, kept the rest of us “normal snorers” awake all night. A quick look through a small […]

Julian from Canada in the old Water Mill/Bomb shelter under the Albergue in Merida

Albergue in Alquescar

Day 11. May 25th. Merida to Alquescar

Damn it….I am like a briar this morning ! ……and I am not the only one who is in a foul mood. My worst fears about that elderly Spanish couple were realised. Despite several “diplomatic prompts” from most other Peregrinos, they fidgeted around with their backpacks and made countless trips to […]

Day 12. May 26th 2012. Alquescar to Vadesalor.

This morning I start out at 7.00am and take a pic’ of a statue of a priest with a little boy in the Albergue grounds. This brings to mind all savage abuse that has been visited on defenceless little boys and girls by evil peadophile monsters posing as priests and in positions of trust. Priest with […]

Ancient Roman Miliario (Milestone)