Monthly Archives: November 2012

Day 38. June 26th. Cea to Castro Dozon

The “noisey” bunch are still snoring in Noddyland” as the rest of us get ready to roll. It is just after and the countryside is wonderfully peaceful under a clear blue morning sky. Today, our detination is Castro Dozon, a village about 20kms ahead. Ronan is “out of the […]

Looking back down on the Monastery, Oseira

Camino Tom and Jesus of Madrid !

Day 39. June 27th. Castro Dozon to Silleda

Yesterday was a “scorcher” and I was developing one of my classic drowsey headaches….for me, this is always a sign of an electrical storm on the way. So, it is no surprise then that a mighty thunderstorm is brewing on the horizon. The early morming sky is black as ink on the southern […]