Barretstown Childrens Charity

What is Barretstown?

Barretstown is a specially-designed camp that provides therapeutic recreation programmes for children with serious illnesses, and their families.

It was founded by Hollywood actor Paul Newman in 1994 and modelled on his renowned Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Connecticut, USA. Excellent, unobtrusive medical supervision helps children with cancer and other diseases forget illness, learn to have fun and rebuild their confidence and self-esteem. Our programmes take place at a fairytale castle in the beautiful foothills of Ireland’s Wicklow Mountains.

We serve children affected by serious illnesses – primarily cancer and serious blood diseases – from Ireland, Britain and throughout Europe, and their families.


Organisation ID CHY10715

Overview of Barretstown

Barretstown offers a fun programme of challenging activities designed to help children deal with the trauma of serious illness. Hospitals take care of the physical effects of serious illness. Barretstown helps to heal the emotional scars.

See for yourself what happens at Barretstown by clicking through to our video clips