Day 9 May 23rd Villafranca de los Barros to Torremegia

Another early dawn start and I am determined to capture a better photo of the sunrise. I know that my new Samsung Galaxy Note can take a good quality pic’…if it is set up properly, but I have not had enough time to check the settings, yet. However, I do get a fairly nice shot of the sunrise through some trees…I like it.

Today, there are no towns on the way, unless I detour to a large one called Almendraiejo, and I have no intention to add more kms to the 28kms I must walk to Torremegia. So, since I will find no cafes on the way, I have stocked up with plenty of water, fruit, nuts, dark chocolate and bread.

Everywhere I look I see vinyards, vinyards and “ne’re a drop to drink” ! …at least until I reach my destination for the night. About 18 kms on, I see a large town off to my left and assume it is the aforementioned Almendraiejo.

I know that the others have started well before me this morning and I wonder if this means they have decided to skip Torremegia and head for the city of Merida. That would be a hard 45km walk ! !….mmmmmm…..time will tell. So, I am alone again today and I have plenty of time to reflect on “stuff”… dear sister Rose who is fighting her cancer so bravely, my sister Della who is similarly afflicted but doing well and the Kids at Barretstown for whom I am trying to raise funds. Like everyone else, I suppose I could rant and write volumes on all my concerns but I feel I must always try to stay calm and not get too upset about the downside of living.

There are many dusty roads traversing my path today and I find a low pillar at one of these junctions where I sit and munch away at my “Food Store”. The terrain is wide and flat in all directions and I can’t find any good photo opp’s today but that’s ok too. Perhaps I will find a few nice ones in town later. I do eventually find the Albergue after a bit of a struggle. It is opposite a lovely old church and the Albergue, I am told, was formerly a palace.

Old Church opposite Abergue in Torremegia
















It has been nicely modernised and offers very comfortable accomodation and I am delighted with this after a 28 km walk. To cap it all, I find that the “others” are actually here already. We all decide to hang together tomorrow and get to Merida for a nice lunch. Ricardo needs some running repairs to one of his boots and he will get this sorted there. I take a stroll around town and notice that all the bars and cafes are busy with locals in small groups discussing one topic or another in the usual high octaves.


Evening streetscape in Torremegia

Evening Streetscape in Torremegia


There are lots of farm tractors parked around the town and of course that is no surprise to me anymore, since I notice that there is a blurred line between town and country life in Spain. My mind is now turning to Merida tomorrow. I believe it is a beautiful old historical town with more Roman remains from B.C. than anywhere else in Spain.

On my return to the Albergue I find Klaus and the Hospitalerio sitting outside the front entrance. Klaus is swigging a health drink while the “keeper” looks on in bemusement. I can’t resist a pic’ of this little scene and snap a nice one.

Klaus havin' a swig ( of a health drink !)

Klaus having a swig ( of a health drink ! )

That’s it for today and now I look forward to my walk to Merida tomorrow a.m.